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December 14, 2005



I must say I almost fell off the chair with laughter.
Reading the table, row to row, from left to right had me going: "Uh-huh. Hmm. I see. Oh yes, indeed!"
I suppose, though most are legitimately adults, they still need room to grow and mature. Believe me, what you have there is the drizzle after the storm - High School teachers suffer the most.

The Noisy American

I can only imagine. Actually, I don't want to imagine. I get them right after high school, but I only get 15 of them at a time. A room full of them would probably cause me to pull out the rest of my hair.


This is absolutely fascinating, and very believable.

John B. Chilton

Not all created equal? I guess you mean when you get these students of different ethnicities they are different in ways you can classify by ethnicity.

But tell us about the Arab student you have that was raised in the US (for example). I bet they are different.

The way I try to understand students is to seek to understand the environment they come from - and the environment into which they will return after they graduate. And to be very clear with them that that is not the environment they are in when they are in my classroom. Fortunately, most of the faculty and administrators in my institution also think this way. As students are transformed by this process this accelerates the acculturation of new students.

On racial differences and "created equal" see my post here:


It took me back to college in the US, glad to see that it's the same no matter where you attend school.



Maria Tandingan

haha! This is great :) Yes my sentiments exactly..

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