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January 24, 2006



hi alan, where are u now..? saw that there was no update... hope u have had an interesting and fun trip in asia.


Happy New Year!! :-)

(Click here if you dare)


I suppose it's my fault that Alan hasn't posted lately........ I visited UAE and Alan was a wonderful host - planning and showing me about the area! Had a terrific time Alan - Thanks!!!!



Alan must be missing china, so post this chinese hilarious picture. i'm waiting for your pictures with Pam.


Dear Alan,
Hey bro... where are you now? It's unusual for you to not write or post for so long. Sent you a few emails and phone messages... please let us know you are well!
- Brian


Yeah, where are you? Actually, I know where you are and that you're alive but why aren't you posting? Come on.......China finally unblocks your site and you go AWOL? HMPH!


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