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January 17, 2006



glad u like singapore..at least u cleared some of the misconceptions..flagging a taxi is not that difficult..legally speaking..the taxi driver will try not to halt by the road with double yellow lines..or a designated bus lane..etc if they are booked..the penalty is quite heavy..there are many taxi stands...or try the MRT..public buses not too bad..and try not to flag for a cab around 11.30pm to 12.00 midnite..chances u would not get one..because most will be hiding, taking a nap, snacking..etc until the clock strikes 12 midnite..just for the extra charges they can earn..lol


Me too - I thought it was a beautiful place when I visited, just magical. Clean, perfect weather (even though it rained), fantastic nature, beautiful buildings, just utterly lovely. Chinatown was my favourite place.

It also made me sad, because when you see it having come from the Gulf, you realise that no amount of artificial irrigation can create a lush tropical paradise like that.

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I am in complete agreement. I took my 5 and 6 year old children over Eid in November by myself. I loved it, we had a great time taking the MRT all over the place. Singapore is extremely child-friendly and I felt completely safe there by myself with the two of them. We will be returning in a couple of months.

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